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Decorative Exhibit for Cake International

This little blog shows some of the stages of my entry of a decorative exhibit to Cake International (London). Each picture is dated so you can get an idea of how long things took.
The theme is Discworld (if you have no idea what this is shame on you!). It incorporates elements from a number of books rather than one specific story. There are a set of magical tomes, a Broken/Mended drum, a Nac Mac Feegle, a Witch's Hat and finally Great A’Tuin the star turtle carrying the Discworld on it’s back. Since this is for a competition dummy cakes have been used but you may recognize elements of some of my other cakes here and there.

Day One

10th April 2016

Day Two

11th April 2016

Day Three

12th April 2016

Day Four

13th April 2016

Day Five

14th April 2016

Day Six

15th April 2016

Technically this is day six but since little sleep was to be had it became a continuation of day five :-s

Update from the Show

Rather disappointingly our entry has been classed 'Not to Schedule' since it has three hat pins in the witch's hat (whoever heard of a witch's hat without hat pins!). Helen has spoken to the judges and been told that it would have placed as a Bronze in the class which would have been a great result for us and knowing that is some consolation. (We also had to explain why there was lilac on the ground but I guess not everyone knows about the glorious revolution).

We're completely blown away by the great comments we've already had both online and at the show. Thank you and we'll be back at the next Cake International (without the hat pins).