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Decorative Exhibit for Cake International

After much pestering from my husband I've submitted another discworld themed entry.

This is Errol the Dragon from the book Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett. Errol's full name is Goodboy Bindle Featherstone of Quirm and he is a swamp dragon in Lady Ramkin's Dragon Sanctuary. He was thought to be a 'whittle' due to being constantly ill and having short, stubby wings. He was given to Vimes as a present by Lady Sybil. He ate absolutely everything, including a kettle, Carrot's armour polish and several toys given by various people.

News from the Show

4th November 2016

So Errol will have been judged by now (4th Nov Friday Night)  but we wont find out the result until 2pm Saturday.
Fingers crossed, there were a lot of good entries this year.

We got a Silver Award!

5th November 2016

The title says it all really. Errol the Swamp Dragon recieved a silver award in Class K (A Decorative Exhibit).
Thank-you for all the wonderful comments I've recieved today.

Errol at the show

Some of the other great entries in Class K

Setting up at the show

The bit where Errol gets his wings!

Errol before his debut at the show

A few shots of Errol being constructed